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Improvements in women’s healthcare, specifically within obstetrics for hospitals and medical institutions will continue to become an important aspect of the strategic business planning process in order to provide industry leading patient care and quality improvements within the obstetrics and gynecologic industry within hospitals and medical institutions across the United States.

If you or your organization have ever been affected by the concerns noted below, it’s time you contacted the National OBGYN Hospitalist Consulting Group.  We are passionate about patient safety and quality improvements that increase efficiencies and standardization within the obstetrics department and look forward to partnering with you and your organization.   


  • Disorganized program planning or complete lack of programs in place within obstetrics department.
  • Considering whether a hospitalist program will improve the inefficiencies currently experienced by your obstetrics department.
  • Reduction or complete elimination in malpractice cases brought on by patients.
  • Your nurses in obstetrics are overworked and feel underappreciated/underpaid.
  • Lack of hospitalist criteria.
  • Prolonged vacancies in hospitalist jobs.
  • Your existing hospitalist program is no longer effective for current business model.
  • Improvements in triage are necessary.
  • Improvements in labor and delivery department are necessary.
  • Improvements in women’s safety, pregnancy and labor assistance for women in labor are necessary.
  • Lack of VBAC opportunity.

If you are still unsure whether the National OBGYN Hospitalist Consulting Group is right for you and your organization, please find a White Paper of Considerations from past clients prior to engaging our team.

free white paper–6 questions asked by an actual hospital client with answers

Please fill out the contact form, our consultants look forward to discussing how the National OBGYN Hospitalist Consulting Group can assist and support your specific needs.