Our Services

Offering a broad range of consulting services customized to the specific needs of each client, the National OBGYN Hospitalist Consulting Group is pleased to tailor each client’s needs to achieve the required goals of the specific hospital or medical institution.  With a combined total of 25 years in the OBGYN hospitalist field, both Dr. Olson and Dr. Carroll have a strong understanding of how best to improve, innovate and continually meet the challenges of this ever-changing industry.


“First and foremost, we are passionate about innovating the OBGYN hospitalist field by continued improvements, if there are any questions or topics of discussion related to OBGYN hospitalists which we can help you or your organization with, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly

– Rob & Brendan


The following types of engagements are the most common:

  1. Implement new programs:  
    1. Part-time and Full-time obstetrics programs,
    2. OBGYN Hospitalist Fellowships,
    3. obstetrics emergency departments.
  2. Improve currently existing programs
  3. Benefit from converting triage to obstetrical emergency department through proper planning and implementation
  4. Revenue generation within the obstetrics and gynecology department(s)


The following services will always be included in each engagement:

  • An on-site visit.
  • Meetings with key personnel.
  • Data and information analysis.
  • Comprehensive report with recommendations and alternatives.
  • Programs specifically adapted and designed to meet specific hospital wants/needs/requirements.
  • The option to implement through a part time model, in phases, or as a full program.
  • Customization of timelines from 4-12 months, depending on approvals, recruitment, establishment of policies and procedures, training and other considerations.


Download Our Brochure

To learn more about how the National OBGYN Hospitalist Consulting Group can partner with your organization for all improvements in women’s healthcare related needs, please print the brochure out or save as a PDF file by clicking the link below:

National OBGYN Hospitalist Consulting Group 2017 Brochure

If you are considering our services and would like an example of how we would partner with your organization, please contact us for more information