Monday, July 14, 2017

10 Tools to a lucrative and satisfying career in OBGYN


In this episode of “OBGYN Hospitalists Talk” learn how to develop a career as an OBGYN Hospitalist in order to relieve your physician burnout, to be able to focus on sub-specialities and to fall back in LOVE with your career as a physician.


Dr. Rob Olson and Dr. Brendan Carroll will share their experiences of both transitioning from successful private practices into a more lucrative and satisfying career which created a foundation for addressing physician burnout and to be able to focus on the sub-speciality of high-risk pregnancies.   Combined, both doctors spent over 30 yrs working in the highly-demanding field of private practice and upon transitioning into the hospitalist specialty have never looked back.


Extremely satisfied with their current careers, they encourage any and all physicians who are dealing with burnout, are interested in focusing on more specialized care for high-risk mothers, and are passionate about bringing new life into this world, to consider a career as OBGYN Hospitalists.